Why Apartments are More Benefecial to Rent Than Houses

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Houses for rent or Apartment for rent?

Why apartments for rent are more convenient and beneficial than houses for rent in Doha?

We should take into consideration that when it comes to buying or renting a property, there’s always a negotiation on what makes the most beneficial and financial sense.

First common sense that comes to mind is why should you pay a monthly rent apartment or house to a landlord instead of choosing accommodation for lease to own? Deciding whether renting is the better option compared to buying is not the only thing that you should consider. It’s important to figure out what is best for you, your family, and your loved ones! Because you are getting something in return.

Yes, buying an apartment or a house may be a great investment, however paying rent isn’t also a waste of money. In fact, there are many financial reasons behind why renting is more convincing.

Choosing between renting a house or renting an apartment is not an easy decision; but it’s not a hard one either. In order to make the selection easy, you need to assure if you are in a good social, professional, AND financial position to buy a house or apartment. If you can’t make sure of your position, then it’s definitely not the right time for you to buy!

Obviously renting an apartment in Doha is more convenient and cheaper than a house. Wanna know why? Let’s break down this renting Apartment vs. House decision and its factors.

  1. Space – in many scenarios, renting a house means larger living space than an apartment; more living area, more bedrooms, more bathrooms, larger parking spaces, more privacy, and basically greater square footage than in an apartment. Let’s say depending on how many people you move in with, family, roommates, friends, definitely a house can afford this greater and larger living space. However, if you are living alone, or with one person or two people, the amount of rent is not worth it.
  2. Expenses – in many cases in Qatar, utility and service charges are separated from the rental bill. Thus, certainly utility expenses for apartments for rent will be lower than in a home rental. Let’s break down this factor further in order to gain better understanding of how is the cost of living in Qatar:

The cost of living in Doha Qatar, mainly is about the lifestyle and where you come from. The living of an expat can vary from a foreigner or a local. Once anyone comes to Doha, people tend to say that Qatar is not an expensive place to live, and citizens can get free electricity and water. Which is truly is not accurate. Utility charges apply along with the rental bill in many cases. Only in some rare scenarios the rental bills include electricity and water. Most of the times, cheap apartments for lease or any cheap accommodation in Qatar depends on current housing market, the location of stay and where you’re looking to move. Places that are located at the heart of Doha, close to city’s landscape are considered to be the most luxury, most expensive living, and popular neighborhoods for residential apartments.

  1. Amenities – Apartments and houses are distinctly diverse and each serve different living lifestyle. When it comes to amenities, this factor can play with your mind and make the decision harder for you to whether to look for apartments for rent or houses for rent. If you have a pet, large family, live with kids or friends, it is more likely to choose a house in order to have larger yard, parking lots, and in some cases small garden or barbeque area.

Now let’s go through some types of houses and apartments for rent in Qatar in order to understand the Qatar house prices. It will also help to decide which type of accommodation is more suitable for you depending on your position and living expenses.

  1. Private villas: Many of the private villas for rent in Doha come with large parking spaces or private pools. Villas with pools are usually considered to be the most luxury villas in Qatar and the most expensive ones are located in West Bay Lagoon villas, and The Pearl Qatar standalone villas. Cheap villas for rent can be found in all areas; but again, depending on the place the prices vary.
  2. Townhouses: townhouses for rent are only very common in Qatar’s iconic island, The Pearl. You can experience a very unique, different, and luxurious lifestyle as well as diverse leisure and entertainment facilities, along with marina and beautiful beaches, restaurants, and retail services. However as mentioned earlier, Pearl offers the most expensive properties ranging from penthouses, apartments, villas, and townhouses. From that we conclude only if you are financially stable, you may experience the most luxurious life in Doha, Qatar.
  3. Compound villas: Villa Compounds in Qatar are nowadays the most usual type of houses for rent; but yet tend to be more expensive comparing to apartments. For the fact that most of the compounds in Qatar have complimentary Gyms, community pools and other recreational areas. However unfurnished villas for rent in compounds are the cheaper ones comparing to the Fully furnishes. As well as depending on the number of bedrooms, the average house rent varies. The most luxury and best compounds in Doha are typically located in Al-Waab, West Bay, Al Dafna, Al Sadd, Madinat Khalifa South, and Al Gharaffa.
  4. Apartments: only if you’re living alone you are lucky enough to rent any type of apartment for less expensive prices! And if you are financially and professionally stable, you may even consider cheap homes rent to own! Who wouldn’t want to live on his/her own property? However if you have larger family, then again apartments or penthouses are reasonably cheaper comparing to houses for rent! Comparing to houses, you may even find furnished cheap apartments to rent.
  5. Hotel Apartments: Hotel apartments in Qatar tend to be more expensive. But then again definitely cheaper than houses and villas! Additionally, you can even benefit from amazing amenities and facilities provided by the tower! In some cases, hotel apartments become even a more attractive accommodation than compounds for families! Cheap hotel apartments in Qatar can be found in places such as Musheireb, Al Naser, Al Mansoura, and Al Sadd. On the other hand, the expensive ones in Corniche Road, West Bay, and Souq Waqif. In my personal opinion, West Bay is the best area to live in; you’re close to many areas and are in the center of Doha! To give a recommendation, Ezdan hotel apartments!

In conclusion, one of the best benefits of apartments for rent in Doha, with considering all the above points, is they are generally cheaper and less expensive than to rent a house. As also discussed earlier, in many scenarios some of the utilities will be paid by the landlord, managers, or owners; basically you even save more money! Therefore, of course it’s more reasonable to say that apartments are a more affordable option to choose. But definitely opinions are different from one to another depending on the living lifestyle.

Therefore, it is more reasonable now to say that apartments are a more affordable option to choose.

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