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- Are McDonald's workers lucky to have their jobs? Or are they being exploited? The answer depends on who you talk to.

- McDonald's does many good things for example, no other company hiers more young people than McDonadl's more than half of its workers are under 20 years old. McDonald's also has a good record of hiring minority workers. Thirteen percent of its workers are blaack. This is better than any other U.S company .

- But the burger house has its critics as well. The pay bothered Edward Rodriguez. He worked for nearly a year at a los Angeles McDonald's . During that time he got only one 10-centraise. " I used to joke that working for McDonald's is the closest thing to slave labor in the U.S today," he says, Today, most McDonald's pay about 5.00$ an hour. they hire new workers constantly. the restaurant has no other choice because 70 percent of its workers quit or are fired every year.

- But McDonald's also gets its share of praise. Its best workers move up quickly. just talk to 17 year old Ameer AbdulRazaaq of Harlem, New York City. "They call me Young Crew Chief around my block," he says. "Where else can i go at my ago and be in charge of this many people?" He sees the job as the first step in his career.

- However, most McDonald's crew members never make it to manager because the job pressurs is so intense and the rewards so few. As one worker put it. "They expect a lot and they don't pay you much."

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