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Best second hand car to buy in Qatar?

What do you think is the best used car to buy in Qatar?

Living in Qatar and considering vehicle ownership is anyone’s thought. You want to keep some factors in mind before owning a vehicle; affordability, type of vehicle and age of vehicle. Whether you are aiming to buy a new car for sale in Qatar, a second hand car for sale in Qatar, or rent a car in Qatar.

Below are some tips on what the expats in Doha Qatar have experienced in terms of buying a new car, second hand, or renting a car.

  • If you are financially stable, then buy a new one since you can afford it. New cars in Doha Qatar come with warranty. But if you can’t afford a brand new one, buy a second hand from a dealer. Though keep in mind that if you buy cheap used cars for sale, you will end up spending a lot of money since you are wasting the cost of a new car on a second hand for its repairs in long run. Car rental in Doha would only be your option if you are staying in Qatar for a short time.
  • The duration of your stay is also important to consider. You should definitely choose a car depending on how long you are willing to stay in Qatar. If not for so long, then choose a car that’s safe, affordable, and easy to resell.
  • If you are new and planning to stay, there are many car rental companies in Qatar that you can rent a car monthly. It’s better to go for cheap rent car in Qatar for a month or two so you can get use to the roads since driving conditions in Qatar can be dangerous.
  • Sometimes your car preferences are based on the loan amount that your salary allows. Get a car that’s suitable for you, or your family if you have one.
  • If you are planning to buy a new car, the Traffic department in Qatar sometimes may change your mind for the decision you made since it is very time consuming and they take time to prepare and it is a lengthy process!
  • Financing is very important especially if you are living in Qatar. You need to decide whether you want to keep your vehicle with personal loan or vehicle loan. Personal helps to maintain your ownership of your car, however vehicle will keep your car under bank ownership.
  • There are plenty of cheap used cars for sale in Qatar. But what you should keep in mind is that even though sometimes you may find your ideal car model, you should think further and make a wiser decision. The reason why many models, especially luxury models are for cheap price is because they have lost their worth big time and you will end up spending so much money for their repairs. For example, everyone’s most ideal car model is Mini Cooper second hand cars and there are plenty of them around Doha. However, they don’t consider the fact that they will end up spending way more on the cost of its repairs and maintenance! So might as well buy a brand new of it right? Yes there are many cheap mini cooper for sale, used mini clubman for sale, used mini convertible, mini cooper countryman for sale; but why do you want to spend so much for a second hand?

So as a conclusion, the best second hand used car to buy in Qatar is not about its brand and model. You need consider the above tips and advices before making a decision.

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