2nd Hand Cars in Qatar Vs. Brand New Cars in Qatar

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Why Second Hand Cars in Qatar are better than to buy Brand New Cars in Qatar?  

To start with, there are 4 reasons why you should buy used cars in Qatar.

1) Of course not everyone can afford their desired car model. If you have a vehicle year, make and model in mind but you can’t afford buying it and it doesn’t fit your budget, why not going for a pre-owned unit sold at much more lower price? Especially when it comes to such medium to high luxury cars like Lamborghini car models, Mercedes car models, Land Rover car models, Rolls Royce models, and etc.

Buying old cars in Qatar usually saves you between 20% to 60% of a car’s original price! But then also depending on vehicle year, mileage and condition. Just keep in mind that once you have a budget, you can upgrade to better models.

2) Who doesn’t hate to pay interests including monthly installment cars in Qatar? Point is why not pay the full amount of a used car for sale in cash than choosing the first option? As long as the vehicle is in a good condition, you’re definitely saving much more money than paying for new cars in Qatar.

3) Another point to take into consideration is you’ll pay lower costs for car insurance in Qatar! It definitely costs you to insure a second hand than a new car. Car insurance companies in Qatar usually consider the vehicle’s age and market value. The higher the value of your car, the more expensive! However you should also consider that some insurance companies may not accept applications for cars older than 10 or 15 years of age! So you better make decision wisely when buying a second hand car, even if you go for cheap used cars in Qatar!

4) Last but not least, if you go for a new car, for example a brand new Range Rover sport 2018 for sale, or a new Lamborghini for sale, the moment you purchase the car, you lose 20% to 40% of its value; and if you go further to the first three years of owning it, it may even depreciate by up to 50%! Crazy right? And that’s the greatest benefit for you to buy resale cars in Qatar! The previous owner of the car has already taken his largest depreciation. Whilst you can still enjoy and keep the used car at low cost, and sell it as second-hand later for almost the same price which paid for! Just remember to keep it in well maintained and good condition for the next owner. Also keep in mind that if you customize, fix and upgrade it with new car features, you have better chances to even resell it for higher amount!

Nevertheless, after all, do you need a car ASAP? You don’t want to bother yourself with frequent car maintenance and repairs? You got no plans to resell your car in future? You want to save money on gas? Are financially stable to purchase a brand new car? Then go for it! There is absolutely no wrong or right answer choice for anyone and it all depends on you, and your budget preferences.

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